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The Jersey Muzzleloaders & Antique Firearms Association or the Jersey Branch of the MLAGB was formed in 1972. The Branch shoots all disciplines from 25metre pistol, 50metre, 100 yards on its own range at Crabbe, St. Mary. It also has a living history section depicting the 1781 Jersey Militia. In addition, the Branch shoots on the main range also at Crabbe, St. Mary, several times a year back to 600meters.  Visiting MLAGB members are always welcome.

UK Association Honours for Alexandre


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The Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain has awarded its prestigious Doneghal badge for 2010 to the Jersey Muzzle Loaders' long range shooter, Mike Alexandre.

The Doneghal is presented every year to an individual who has either had some exceptional shooting performances or as a reward for extraordinary service.

This year the award was made to Alexandre in recognition of his consistently high standard of shooting in UK championship events.  Mike won the 900 yard championship held at Bisley earlier this year and added third place in the Whitworth cup last Saturday - 30th October 2010.

This was the last event in the Jersey Muzzle Loaders' competitive season and it has been a successful year for the Jersey club.  In addition to Alexandre's long range rifle activities in the UK, Jersey's short range specialist Gareth Callan hangs up his shooting boots for another winter looking back on gold in the French Open and Silver with the GB team in the world championships last August.

Both shooters gratefully acknowledge the support they received from their employers, Standard Bank and British Airways, together with the help of the Jersey Muzzle Loaders, their friends in the Jersey Rifle Association and Jersey Pistol Club and the Education Sports and Culture Department.


World Championships - Portugal - August 2010




Gareth Callan came 5th in the offhand matchlock shooting in near zero visibility in very difficult conditions.  The British team, which included Gareth, won the silver medal in the Tanegeshima team event.
In the kneeling event, Gareth finished in 4th place. J ohann Karlsson of Sweden won with 93 and three competitors then tied with identical scores of 90.  Group size was used to separate the places, Gareth missing the bronze medal by only half a millimetre!

Offhand Open Shoot - 25th July


George Gallichan                   Tom Arnold                      Sue Franklin    

It really was a case of something old and something new, at the Jersey Muzzle Loaders’ offhand championship on Sunday morning 25th July 2010.

The “old” was represented by veteran George Arnold who has been winning medals at local, national and international events since the Jersey Branch was founded in the 1970s.  Returning to short range shooting after a break of many years, George shot like he had never been away and scored a superb 90 with his Enfield rifle, which was comfortably enough to win the military rifle event.

The “new” was represented by another George, this time 14 year old George Gallichan who won the patched ball class with an excellent score of 75.  George excelled in this, not only his first ever competition but also his first shoot at 50 meters. A great future in shooting sports clearly awaits Gallichan. 

Another new-comer, Tom Arnold also did very well, winning the free rifle class with a good score of 80. 

Competition for  medal places was fierce with Larry Berridge, Martin Godel, Sue Franklin, Gareth Callan and Gerry Weir shooting well and challenging the winners.

The afternoon was devoted to running the “Hythe” competition, something the branch has not done for ten years.  This spectacular event is based upon the 19th century test of marksmanship at the Hythe Infantry School of Musketry.  The target is a five foot by 18 inch rectangle with a 1 foot inner and 5 inch bullseye, scoring 1, 2 and 3 points respectively.  5 shots are fired offhand at each distance of 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 yards, with no scopes, shooting jackets or other aids allowed.  All equipment must be carried, with no trolleys or tables to load from – not an easy thing to do with a muzzle loading rifle.  Congratulations go to Tom Arnold once again who won the event and is showing a real ability at offhand shooting.

Finally our thanks go to Callum Alexandre and Peter Laffoley who did a great job doing all of our scoring for the competitions. 


Military Rifle George Arnold   90  

Free Rifle

Tom Arnold  80
  Larry Berridge    83     Gareth Callan  77
  Gareth Callan 79     Martin Godel 74
  Gerry Weir 74     George Gallichan 73
  Tom Arnold 74      Larry Berridge  68
  Martin Godel 59      Sue Franklin 29
  Sue Franklin 58        
Patch Ball George Gallichan 75   Hythe Tom Arnold 44
  Tom Arnold 70     Gareth Callan 40
  Sue Franklin  66     Martin Godel 32
`         Larry Berridge 29
          George Arnold 26
Musket George Arnold 56        
  Tom Arnold 9        












Hythe Team                      Butt Marker Callum Alexandre          Gareth Callan                        George Arnold   

Photographs by Pete Laffoley



Schutzenfest - Wedgnock - 9 May 2010


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Jersey Muzzle Loaders' Gareth Callan won two of his events at Sunday's Schutzenfest held in Warwick.  The Schutzenfest is the British Open Competition and is also a qualifying shoot for selection to the Great Britain Rifle Team.  Gareth entered 4 events, winning two and taking second place in the others.  This marks a successful start to his competitive season and is good preparation for the World Championships in August, when he travels to Portugal with the GB Team.

Gareth gratefully acknowledges the tremendous support he receives from his employer, Standard Bank, and Jersey's Education, Sport and Culture.


2009 Events


The Jersey Muzzle Loaders sent a two man team to compete in the UK 900 yard national championship held on the world famous Stickledown range at Bisley in Surrey. The championship was augmented by competitions at at 1000 yards and the slightly less challenging 600 yards and our two shooters, Skipper Gareth Callan and rising international star Mike Alexandre attended a three day training camp before the weekend with the GB Captain Len Jackson and one of the world's best shooters, John Whittaker.


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All the matches were attended by over 40 shooters including the British, French and Dutch national teams and Jersey's Mike Alexandre set personal best scores in all the competitions finishing in 4th place at 1000yds, 7th at 600yds and 10th at 900yds.  Gareth Callan is not as experienced at the longer ranges as he shoots internationally at 50 meters.  The jump to 1000 yards is quite hard to make. He commented whilst standing at the firing point in Bisley looking at the targets 1000 yards away "I dont care how many times I shoot this event, I still think that whatever else that is, it's a very long way with a muzzle loader!"  Callan shot decently at 1000 yards and reasonably well at 600 but finished well down the field in these events.
Alexandre could not be in better form as he approaches the World Championship in September to be held in the USA. Alexandre will shoot as part of the Great Britain Rifle Team and this will be his second international match. In the opinion of Jersey's Captain and Coach Callan, Alexandre goes to the States with a real chance of making a medal place finish in one or more of his events.
For his part, Callan specialises in short range matches as he looks forward to Septembers European Championship in Spain where he also will be wearing the Great Britain Blazer with pride in his 7th international appearnce for the Country. He hopes to add to last years two gold medals at the World Championships in Australia as he is part of a very strong GB team who are favourites to win the Matchlock event and have a good chance of placing in the medals in the flintlock rifle, which are Callan's two specialist events.

Full results can be seen on the MLAGB website:


15th August 2009

Our rising star Mike Alexandre returned from Bisley with a new personal best at 1,000 yards in the British Long Range Championship.  The  Championship at Bisley is shot over two days at 1,000,1,100 and 1,200 yards with muzzle loading rifles.  Against the strongest field in the UK Alexandre was placed seventh overall.    He uses an original match rifle from 1860 and came second at the 1,000 yard distance, beating several of his fellow Great Britain international team mates.

Mike travels to the USA next month to shoot in the World Championships with the Great Britain Team.  His coach, fellow Jersey Muzzle Loader and GB international Gareth Callen is delighted with Mike's current form. Gareth said: ‘I am just so pleased for Mike, he’s getting better and better. What’s really great is he is in the form of his life just before the world champs.  He’s a real contender for some kind of medal.’


16 November 2008

500 yards Championship

A packed Crabbe range on a damp Sunday morning saw 8 shooters competing for the Jersey Muzzle Loaders 500 yard championship.

There were two competitions, the free rifle and the military rifle. 

The free rifle was again hotly contested by Mike Alexandre and Gareth Callan with Alexandre taking the gold and with it the Rigby Cup which is an aggregate of 200, 500 and 500 yard competitions shot over the year. Callan came third and the two old stagers were split by debutant François Le Luyer who shot excellently on his first attempt at this distance. He tied with Alexandre and was only pushed back to Silver on count back. 

The military rifle event was also keenly contested between another new-comer to mid range Ian Kearns and veteran muzzle loader David Wood. 

After a difficult start in blustery conditions Wood found the middle of the target and stayed there to post a decent score with an Enfield rifle. At this distance and with difficult winds the Enfield rifle is just about at its limit and Wood shot brilliantly to take gold. Kearns learned very quickly and by the end of the card was holding the black and beat Martin Godel into the bronze medal place.  

Adrian Le Brocq came fourth in the Military Rifle and although out of the medals at 500 yards he did enough to take the Enfield Cup which is awarded to the winner of the mid range aggregate shot over the year with the Enfield Rifle.


August 2008

Second Gold for Jerseyman in Australia

Jersey Muzzle Loading shooter, Gareth Callan, has today secured a second gold medal whilst shooting in the World Short Range Championships which are currently being held in Adelaide, Australia.   
Shooting as part of a three man team from Great Britain, Callan and the team have secured their second gold shooting in the highly specialised Offhand Flint Rifle event beating both the host nation and the USA.   
A highly delighted Callan has said "To win one Gold medal was unbelievable but to be here again is just fantastic -  a culmination of 20 years hard work has really paid off."
Gareth has also thanked his Sponsors Kleinwort Benson and all his friends and supporters in Jersey.


Jersey Muzzle loading shooter Gareth Callan has helped Team Great Britain Secure GOLD in the "NOBUNAGA" team Matchlock event in the  currently being held in Adelaide Australia.
Gareth was shooting with two others as team GB beat both the USA and Japan into the runners up positions.
In the Individual competitions Gareth is currently in 7th position in the Offhand Matchlock and has finished 4th in the world competing  in the kneeling matchlock event, missing the bronze position by just 1 point.
As part of team GB Gareth  has also shot in the team Flint rifle events, the results of which wont be known until later today (14 Aug) and he has also yet to shoot in the individual off hand flint rifle event
On receiving his Gold medal Gareth said "what an unbelievable feeling.  I am so proud to be here representing both my island and country in the most prestigious of world shooting events.
Gareth has asked us to thank both his employers Kleinwort Benson and all his family and supporters in Jersey.


June 2008

Jersey Shooter Takes Gold In America

 Jersey Muzzle Loader and Antique Firearms Association shooter George Arnold has won the Gold Medal in the prestigious Mini Creedmore competition held during the US Spring National Championship held by National Muzzle Loader Rifle Association (NMLRA).

 The NMLRA are the governing body for muzzle loading shooting in the U.S.A. and the Spring National attracts thousands of shooters from all over America along with some visitors from overseas such as Jersey’s George Arnold.

 The Mini Creedmore event is shot at 500 yards with 15 shots to count with no practice or sighting shots.

 Chairman David Dorgan said “The Jersey Muzzle Loaders are very proud of our President George Arnold’s latest success on the international scene, which shows once again what a great sportsman he is with his consistency at a high international level over many, many years”.

 Sunday 4th May 2008

Open Air 50m Kneeling Military Rifle


In superb shooting conditions the Jersey Muzzle Loaders and Antique firearms held the 2008 open air 50 mt Kneeling Military rifle competition. 

For the chance of being crowned 2008 Jersey Kneeling Champion, all competitors favoured the Enfield rifle and competition for the title was fierce.

Adrian Le Brocq had to shoot a personal best score in this discipline of 79 to lift the trophy for the first time in his shooting career.

Terry Underwood magnificently took the Silver Medal position from Dave Wood who held bronze.


Saturday 16th February 2008


 On 16th of February in bright and cold conditions the first inter-club shoot took place between the Modern and Military Arms Association. (MMAA) and the Jersey Muzzle Loaders’ Association (ML).

 The course of fire was 100 yards and each competitor shot 13 rounds with a muzzle loading firearm on to a PL7 target and then 13 rounds with a modern “self loader” on to a Fig 11 target, each time with the best 10 shots to count.  

Trophies were awarded to the best overall shot from the Modern & Military and the best overall shot from the muzzle loaders and finally a ½ bottle of Sloe Gin to the “high Score”.

The competition was fierce but very good natured with a lot of inter-club rivalry coming out for the afternoon and, unusually for a shooting competition, attracted a large number of spectators who thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle.

 The dishonour of the wooden spoon was shared by a shooter from each side - Damien Horn (MMAA) and Terry Underwood (ML) - who, when using their OWN firearms, failed to hit the target with 13 shots, although Terry did later redeem himself by posting the highest score of all with a modern firearm.  Special mention must go to Kevin Lewis, (MMAA) who never having shot a muzzle loading firearm before borrowed a .577 Navy and shot off-hand at 100 yards managing a creditable 43.

 It was, however, a father and son who came out on top for each side using a Parker Hale .577 Navy and a Thompson Ramo Wooldridge 7.62 M14.  Richard Le Brocq (MMAA) top scored with a total of 101 ex 150 over the two rounds and son Adrian (ML) scoring 97.

 The afternoon was greatly enjoyed by all who shot and many new shooting friendships have been made until, that is, the anticipated re match.



(muzzle loading scores are listed first in each case)

MMAA     ML  
R le Brocq 68  + 33 =101 A le Brocq 65 +  32= 97
D Mills  59  + 38 =  97  D Wood   43 + 31 = 31
M Turner 44 + 31  =  75  T Underwood 0 + 41 = 41
B Goode  13 + 38  =  51  V Thomas  7 + 30 = 37
K Lewis   43 +  6   =  49 F Le Luyer  6 + 24 = 30
D Horn    34 +  0   =  34    
M Douglas 0 + 30  =  30    



Sunday 10th February 2008



 The JML&AFA held the 300 yd Military and Rigby Rifle Challenge on Sunday 10th February..

 The Rigby (free) rifle challenge was once again keenly contested by Mike Alexandre and Gareth Callan.  With scores contributing to the annual aggregate, every shot counted.

Callan set the early pace and looked to have wrapped the contest up, but Alexandre held his nerve and took until the final shot to secure first place and with it the Martin Fox Vase scoring 32 ex 50.

Third place was taken by Vaughan Thomas, using a .451 Whitworth rifle. 

Adrian Le Brocq took the Turner Tankard for the military competition.


Sunday 27th January 2008



The Jersey Muzzle Loaders and Antique Firearms Association held the inaugural 200 yards Military and Rigby Rifle Challenge at Crabbé range on Sunday 27th January.

This is the first competition in the local calendar and was held in bright and dry conditions.  Gareth Callan and Mike Alexandre proved that they haven’t lost their competitive edge in the Rigby, both shooting an excellent 36 ex 50.  Gold Medal position and the Rigby Rose Bowl were awarded to Callan on the number of bulls scored.

A welcome return to competitive shooting was made by Dave “Woody” Wood who contested the Military competition against Adrian le Brocq.  It was Le Brocq however who proved the stronger marksman of the two.

All scores will go towards the “mid range aggregate” to be decided after the three and five hundred yards competitions to be held later in the year.

Special thanks must go to George Arnold whose advice and help behind the scenes was invaluable.


Christmas shoot 2007


A misty morning saw Mike and Gareth set up the range for a bit of 50 metre work. Father Ian and daughter Jenny Kearns get ready for Jenny's first musket shoot ever.    



The 2007 International Jersey Medal Winners


 The Jersey Muzzle Loaders and Antique Firearms Assn. held their annual Rifle and Musket Challenge in perfect conditions on Sunday 21st October.  In a thrilling 100yd free rifle competition former British International Team Captain, Gareth Callan, was unable to overhaul Mike Alexandre’s early lead. 


Alexandre, just back from the World Long Range Champs in South Africa, was in blistering form and shot a magnificent 78 to claim first place with Callan on 77.  Roger Guiton came a superb third with 64.  Guiton also took first place from Larry Berridge and Adrian Le Brocq in the 100 yd Enfield competition.  


Berridge then went on to first place in the 50 mt off hand Enfield from Le Brocq and Andre Le Miere.


In a new competition to the club members of our living history section, the 1781 Jersey Militia, shot to order:  7 shots with 7 to count over 25 mts with their Brown Bess Muskets.  Overseen by Colonel David Dorgan and led by Sergeant Roger Guiton Ian Kearns came in first with a fantastic 50 ex 70, Laurie Mould was second with 33 and Terry Underwood third with 18.  And in form Kearns also claimed first spot in the 50 mt musket. shooting 17 from Dick Gledhill’s 13.


Full results of the day are as follows:


100yd Free Rifle                                100yd Enfield                

Mike Alexandre            78                    Roger Guiton                69

Gareth Callan               77                    Larry Berridge              63

Roger Guiton                64                    Adrian Le Brocq          43

Adrian Le Brocq          50

Dick Gledhill                 12



50 mt Free Rifle         50 mt enfield                           50 mt musket

David Dorgan    77       Larry Berrridge             73        Ian Kearns                   17

                                    Adrian Le Brocq           56        Dick Gledhill                 13

                                    Andre Le Miere            53        Terry Underwood           9

                                                                                    Vaughan Thomas            6

25 mt militia Challenge

Ian Kearns                   50

Laurie Mould                33

Terry Underwood         18

Paul Le Queré              8*

Daryn Hamon               8*

Nigel Blake                  6

* on count back


Dinner at the Windmill


The Branch held an after AGM dinner on the 17th November 2007.  It was held at the Windmill restaurant, St Peter and was a great success.  Medals and cups were presented to the winners and runner ups in the recently held Rifle Championships.  It is hoped that this event will herald the start of a series of annual dinners which will combine with a revival of interest in black powder shooting.



                          Our Secretary does the rounds, general conversation around the table and Father and son share a laugh.



The Enfield and Metford (free rifle) competitions

25th November 2007

The JML&AFA held the Enfield and Metford (free rifle) competitions in extremely windy conditions. The course of fire for both competitions was 10 rounds kneeling and 13 rounds off-hand at 50 mt and 13 rounds prone, at 100 yds., all with the best 10 shots to count.

The Metford Trophy was won following an excellent battle with Gareth Callan by Jersey Long Range shooter Mike Alexandre who said later that despite being very pleased with his win the gusty conditions made it extremely challenging. The Martin Godel Shield for the Enfield was more closely challenged with local shooters Roger Guiton  (2nd) and Terry Underwood (3rd)  just losing out to an in form Adrian Le Brocq. Both Guiton and Le Brocq have had an outstanding 2007 with their Enfields taking all the main Enfield competitions between them.




   2006 World Championship Medals

Gareth Callan joined George Arnold in winning a Silver Medal at the 2006 World Championships.  Both men won their medals as part of the Flintlock Rifle Team.  Pictured below is Gareth with his parents at the Jersey Honour Board ceremony held at Fort Regent with the Lieutenant Governor of the Island of Jersey, Lieutenant-General Andrew Ridgeway congratulating Gareth on his sporting achievement.    


and below is a map where the range is located and a picture of how close to the sea, on the North coast, we are                    



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