2011 Event Reports


World Long Range Championships - Bisley

September 2011

The 2011 World Long Range Championships were organised by a Jerseyman, George Arnold, and he did it with his usual excellent organising skills.  But George was not the only Jerseyman involved.  Both Mike Alexander and Gareth Callen were shooters at the event.

After many hours of practice over five years Mike Alexander made his goal of a Gold medal in the World Championships.  South African, Kobus de Villiers, almost swept the board in medal achievements but Mike managed to beat him in the 600 yds competition by two v-bulls.

Gareth Callen noticeably made good scores throughout the Championships.

European Championships

Hamina, Finland - September 2011

Gareth Callen won two medals at this year's European Muzzleloading Championships.  Although he had disappointing results at the beginning of the week the final event of the Championships brought him success.  He won an individual silver medal in a matchlock shoot and joined the British team to assist them in gaining the Gold team medal.  Congratulations to Gareth for a great achievement.

Camp Atterbury, Indiana, USA

June 2011

George Arnold gained a gold medal at the Atterbury Match.  He said: 

It was a scorcher!  You could tell by the number of umbrellas, lack of shooting jackets, and lots of pictures of guys drinking water!  But everyone survived.  Pete put on a great match.  Thanks for the colour boards.   With all the heat and haze, they really came in handy.  We had several cease fires to accommodate C130's hauling paratroopers for drops around the range, which gave people a chance to sit in the shade and drink water.


 Annual open competition Monday 2nd May.


The Jersey Muzzle Loaders held their annual open competition on Monday 2nd May.

22 competitive cards were shot and highlight of the day was Larry Berridge earning the high gun honours with a great score of 87 in the military rifle.

Competitive pistol shooting saw a welcome return with Peter Laffoley and Gerry Weir winning the single shot and revolver competitions respectively.

 In the afternoon attention turned to the main range where the spectacular Hythe competition was staged.  Shot with Enfield rifles offhand from 100 all the way back to 300 yards, all the shooters found the target consistently and some very good shooting took place in the teeth of a howling gale.  Last year's winner, Tom Arnold, was very unlucky to loose his trophy to Gareth Callan.  The pair shot the same score (33) with Callan winning on count back. Larry Berridge again shot very well to come third with 30 points.  Gerry Weir and Dave Wood also showed they were very competitive with Enfields at these distances.

Special thanks to George Arnold for butt marking the Hythe, Sue Franklin for organisation and Peter Laffoley for scoring all the targets.


Free Rifle      Revolver  
Larry Berridge                 79 Gerry Weir   85
George Arnold 79  George Arnold 62
Tom Arnold 75 Sue Franklin  26
Dave Wood 57    
Military Rifle   Single Shot  
Larry Berridge 87   Peter Laffoley 86
Gareth Callan 84  Larry Berridge 62
Tom Arnold  83    
George Arnold 75    
Gerry Weir 60 Hythe  
    Gareth Callan 33
Patch Ball Rifle   Tom Arnold 33
Gareth Callan    86  Larry Berridge 30
Gerry Weir 73 Gerry Weir  28
Sue Franklin 58 Dave Wood 24
Tom Arnold 57    
Flint Musket      
George Arnold 53    
Tom Arnold 2    















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